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Customer-specific services and solutions

We analyse, develop, and implement

We evaluate the development of international cities in the competition of metropolises. Trend scouting allows us to explore what cities and their inhabitants, their economies and mobility might look like tomorrow and what are the respective consequences for politics and planning. As a think tank, we search for and find innovative solutions to the key challenges of modern cities.


Screening urban micro- and macrocosms

Urban Innovation Vienna’s interdisciplinary teams contribute local and international expertise and experience on various aspects of urban and metropolitan regions. Our analyses are fundamentally implementation-oriented, as they are the basis for consultations with political and administrative leaders and stakeholders from business, society and research. . Our analyses and advice are given from a local and international perspective and our micro- and macroanalyses always consider the respective tasks and needs.


A comparative analysis of international developments

Cities and urbanisations have developed into a vast topic for research and consulting with cities, consulting companies, research institutions and various other organisations as active players. We evaluate the diverse international know-how on specific issues and make it available for practical tasks and expert discourse in Vienna.


Analysing structures and projects in Vienna

As a service provider and consultant to politicians and the administration in Vienna as well as to companies closely intertwinded with the city’s operations we analyse measures, organisational processes, and project plans as a basis for specific evaluation and monitoring reports, for the further development of specialised concepts or for new development projects and expert platform processes.


Trendscouting on urban developments and innovations

Whether it is governance, waste management, municipal services, housing, digitalisation or infrastructure, cities around the world are striving to use the latest technologies, financing or organisational formats to improve their own performance. Through international screening and mapping, we support them in identifying and using the latest trends and applications.


Shaping urban developments together

To find tailor-made answers to the specific problems and tasks of a particular city, we emphasise dialogue and collaborative development on the basis of the respective specific case. In a discourse process we jointly develop goals, realistic results and product expectations, we weigh interests and structural and institutional framework conditions, and we recommend unusual perspectives for thinking outside the box and finding creative solutions.


Consulting on strategic developments

We provide international expertise and many years of experience in analysis and cooperation with various municipal institutions and political leaders for all our urban development abd adaptation strategies. We advise on content and on argumentative clarity and congruence with other sub-strategies of the respective city.


Design of projects, processes and platforms

A large number of stakeholders is normal in urban projects, both in analysis, planning, decision-making, or implementation. This makes an effective and efficient design of project plans, strategy platforms or communication processes all the more critical for success. A precise, clear and joint definition of this aspect in advance is one of our strengths.


Framing and the development of narratives

Permanent changes in urban development, infrastructure, usage habits, or external influences are important factors that keep the city alive. Any such measures and preparations for future innovations require characteristic narratives in communication that are comprehensible and facilitate implementation. We provide the corresponding know-how.


Effective through flexible management

Complex projects and processes with many stakeholders and wide-ranging expectations tend to lack in clarity. Management that emphatically responds to institutional and individual differences between stakeholders, anticipates political imponderables while still delivering the expected results on time needs structure, dynamics, flexibility, and consistency. Boasting excellent knowledge of diverse project facets and the different needs of the different stakeholders, we guarantee the successful implementation of projects of all different kinds.


General management from pilot projects to conferences

Benefitting from a broad range of diverse experience and a comprehensive organisation we boast the competence to creatively and efficiently realise international cooperation on specialised projects, local and participatory pilots, as well as city workshops, political enquiries, specialised exhibitions and major conferences with international audiences.


Managing dialogue processes and internet platforms

Informing, discussing, moderating, summarising and coordinating are the basic elements of our communication tasks. We implement elaborate strategic processes and advisory boards, we manage topic-related social media channels and websites, we prepare information for media communication, and we look after international delegations that have Vienna's urban competences in the focus.


Writing, editing and producing publications

In almost all projects, reports, dossiers or publications are part of the result. We are particularly good at preparing technically complex content in a comprehensible manner, presenting politically difficult issues and arguments in a clearly formulated fashion and handling the entire production process from texting to image composition and graphics to printing.