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Local participation in shaping the energy transition

Energy Communities

In energy communities, citizens and SMEs come together to jointly produce, consume, store and sell energy. For residents and businesses, energy communities are an important opportunity to actively participate in the expansion of renewable energies and to contribute to the achievement of Vienna’s climate goals. UIV is a member of the Coordination Office for Energy Communities and the official, supplier-neutral contact point on the subject in Vienna.
Wir beraten zu Möglichkeiten, Voraussetzungen und Umsetzungsvarianten für Energiegemeinschaften. Im Oktober 2023 richteten wir gemeinsam mit der Koordinationsstelle ein bundeslandübergreifendes Austausch- und Vernetzungstreffen für Ost-Österreich aus.


Coordination office for energy communities
City of Vienna


Climate and Energy Fund