das Forum

Vienna's central space for transformation

das forum is Vienna’s central place for working together on sustainable solutions. The City of Vienna’s climate and innovation forum provides space for exchange, networking and workshops.

das forum

das forum is a place where  points of view can be exchanged, ideas can be developed and solutions can be found. In a central location and with hybrid equipment, the rooms are suitable for workshops, meetings, retreats, networking meetings, fireside chats, conferences, press conferences, studies or larger events.

das forum is barrier-free. Event coordination and catering can also be taken care of.

Seminar or standing tables, cinema seating, flipcharts, projectors, cameras and sound systems are available for all rooms.

das forum 1

Area: 120m2
Capacity: up to 90 people


  • wireless 4K presentation system with 2 LED monitors
  • Video conference camera
  • Ceiling microphone
  • Column speakers
  • Stage platform
  • Lectern
  • Television technology available
  • Workshop equipment such as flipcharts or whiteboards as required

das forum 2

Area: 46m2
Capacity: up to 25 people


  • 4K Business-Display
  • Video conferencing bar
  • large conference table
  • fully equipped for hybrid meetings

das forum 3

Area: 38m2
Capacity: up to 25 people


  • 4K Business-Display
  • perfect for breakout-sessions
  • Kitchen
  • fully equipped for hybrid meetings
  • Workshop equipment as required

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