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UIV Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH

Cities are our passion.

Because we love city living. It is the diversity of people coupled with countless personal development opportunities that fascinate us. It is the high-quality educational institutions, housing, cultural and leisure facilities for all needs as well as the generous green and open spaces and smart mobility options that make 'the city' so attractive.

But how to render these qualities sustainable and resilient? How to use economic dynamism for the prosperity of all? How to creatively harness social diversity for greater democracy and civic engagement to best address the critical challenges of the 21st century?

This is what we deal with and think ahead for customized solutions, in our teams and together with local and international experts from different disciplines.


Climate change accelerates transformation

The impact of climate change is making it dramatically clear, just how many nuts and bolts need to be adjusted simultaneously in order to sustain the high quality of city living.


Digitalisation defines new urban dimensions

The disruptive effects of digitalisation can be used to actively advance positive changes in cities – from the economy, transport and education, to resources and planning, all the way to democracy and new governance.


Diversity enriches society and the city

Diversity of culture, language, competences and vision shapes creative environments, entrepreneurial dynamism and international networks – embedded in a policy of inclusion leading to a more robust and attractive city.

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