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UIV Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH

We are urban experts.

Our vision? Our vision is innovative, liveable and climate-neutral cities.

We are accompanying the city of Vienna and other metropolises on this path into the future.

Our strength and effectiveness serves to support the City of Vienna and other cities: As a climate and innovation agency, we work together with our clients and partners on a strategic and operational level to make cities 'fit for the future'.

Because: We live in an age of cities, they are and will become even more places of innovation in the future, where work is done on solutions for global challenges. We therefore give cities the attention they deserve: Everything we do serves to develop metropolises into climate-neutral, liveable and innovative places.


Our values

UIV Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH is the climate and innovation agency of the City of Vienna.

As a company of Wien Holding, we are an important partner of the City of Vienna. However, our scope is wider: other cities, nationally and internationally, public institutions, administrations, science and private companies are also our clients.

Our efforts are all aimed at supporting cities in their transformation into sustainable centres. We would also like to make a decisive contribution specifically for the city of Vienna to support it on its way to becoming a digitisation capital, to achieve climate neutrality in the city by 2040 and at the same time to continue to ensure the highest quality of life worldwide.

Our strengths lie in both strategic development work and operational implementation. We are constantly working to expand our offering and product portfolio to further increase our impact.

Our employees combine different educational backgrounds. This multidisciplinarity, combined with innovation and project competence, is what sets us apart.

We value this diversity as a source of creativity and innovation.

Innovation also applies to our cooperation: we promote new forms of interaction, new ways of working and flexible working time models as well as the constant exchange of knowledge within the company.

Das UIV-Team

DI Thomas Madreiter
Planning Director, Municipal department Urban development (Chairman)

Mag. Oliver Stribl
Director, Wien Holding (Deputy)

Dr. Günther Smutny
Leiter der Präsidialabteilung des Wiener Bürgermeisters 

Philipp Kamper M.A. B.A.
Office of the Department of City Councsellor KR Peter Hanke

Andrea Paukovits
Office of the Innovation, Urban Planning and Mobility Business Group

Aline-Marie Hoffmann, MA
Büro der Geschäftsgruppe des Hrn. Stadtrats Mag. Jürgen Czernohorszky


Workforce representatives
Angela Djuric, BA BSc

DIin Julia Sauskojus

Dr. Claus Hofer
Managing Director

Mag. Dominic Weiss
Managing Director

Mag. Günter Kloibhofer

Mag.a Waltraud Schmid

As a climate and innovation agency, we work together with our clients and partners on a strategic and operational level to make cities 'fit for the future'. We look forward to hearing from you.

Our current focus areas are:

  • Energy & Climate
  • Digitalization
  • Urban Development & Mobility
  • Quarters & Real Estate