Participation projects in Viennese schools

Support for renovations at school buildings

In a growing city like Vienna, innovative solutions are needed to meet the increasing demand for compulsory school places. The involvement of those who are affected by the renovation or building site is a central concern of the City of Vienna.

When it comes to comprehensive renovations and expansions of urban school locations, we ask: What is important to students when their school building is converted? How can school rooms be designed so that they offer an optimal learning environment? What do teachers value when renovating their school? And what needs of parents or residents need to be taken into account?

UIV Urban Innovation Vienna will be supporting a total of eleven school locations in Vienna in 2024. On behalf of the City of Vienna, we carry out a comprehensive participation process in schools from the conception to the commissioning of the new infrastructure. We hold planning circles, ideas workshops or digital participation formats and use these innovative and creative formats to involve students, directors, educators, parents and residents in the construction process at an early stage.


MA 56 – Wiener Schulen

Aus Lego-Steinen gebauter Schulcampus
(C) UIV/Matt Observe

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