EU directive on CSRD

Sustainability reporting for urban companies 

The EU requires all large or listed companies to disclose the impact of their business activities on people and the environment as well as the risks and opportunities arising from social and environmental issues. With the entry into force of the EU Directive on Sustainability Reporting (CSRD), the circle of companies required to report will be significantly expanded from the 2025 financial year and will also affect Wien Holding.

UIV Urban Innovation Vienna is supporting Wien Holding in the comprehensive preparations necessary for this. For the first time, a greenhouse gas balance is drawn up for Wien Holding, goals must be formulated, a target path must be defined and an action plan for the path to climate neutrality must be reported. Based on the collection of energy data, we create the necessary data collection and support the design of sustainability reporting as a strategic control tool in order to bring the business model in line with climate protection in the long term.


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