Events that create value

Platforms und Communities 

Transformation is a process that can only take place through dialogue. At UIV Urban Innovation Vienna, we support the development of strategies, but also their implementation by supporting and coordinating steering structures, advisory committees and platforms.

As Smart City Ambassadors, when supporting international delegations or on themed city walks, we make the transformation understandable and tangible.

Public events are an important tool for bringing people together and opening up echo chambers. Whether solution-oriented workshops, inspiring discussions or conferences with impact: we regularly organize events for our customers both inside and outside the City of Vienna that enable encounters, promote exchange and inspire action.


e.g. MA 18 – Stadtentwicklung und Stadtplanung, Stadt Wien – Bereichsleitung für Klimaangelegenheiten, Magistratsdirektion – Europa und Internationales, MD/OS-PIKT, BMEIA, BML, …

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