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geht nur gemeinsam.

As the climate and innovation agency of the City of Vienna, we promote sustainable change processes in the city. We collaborate with partners from different sectors to shape the future of the city.

Networking und inhaltlicher Austausch in der UIV Urban Innovation Vienna

Platform and

Innovation and transformation are shared tasks. We link stakeholders in politics, administration, science and business. We manage processes, create connections and thus strengthen the ability to make sustainable change.

Know-how and strategy

With expert knowledge and methods we find solutions to complex tasks. We offer expertise in mobility & urban development, energy & climate, neighborhoods & real estate and digitalization & innovation.

Implementation & Adoption

We research, trial and implement ideas, that shape the future. We consult, offer specialist knowledge, organize events or design participation processes in which the public is involved in the political and administrative process.

What we do

All projects
  • Sentinel Satellite in Space

    Vienna Geospace Hub

    UIV Urban Innovation Vienna is operating the Vienna Geospace Hub innovation laboratory, which promotes the interconnection of geo and satellite data and their innovative application in administration. On behalf of the City of Vienna and supported by the FFG, Vienna Geospace Hub works with the aim of overcoming the challenges of climate change in cities and regions.
  • Mobility Policy Innovation Lab

    The Mobility Policy Innovation Lab lab deals with specific challenges in the area of sustainable mobility that are brought to the lab by the federal government, states, regions and cities.
  • Aus Lego-Steinen gebauter Schulcampus

    Participation projects in Viennese schools

    In a growing city like Vienna, innovative solutions are needed to meet the increasing demand for compulsory school places. On behalf of the City of Vienna, we carry out a comprehensive participation process in schools from the conception to the…
  • Renewable energy consulting service

    On behalf of the City of Vienna, the Climate and Innovation Agency advises on switching to clean sources of energy. Our consulting service effectively drives decarbonization in Vienna.
  • Networking und inhaltlicher Austausch in der UIV Urban Innovation Vienna

    Platforms and communities

    Public events are an important tool for bringing people together and opening up echo chambers. Whether solution-oriented workshops, inspiring discussion rounds or conferences with impact: we regularly organize events for our customers both inside and outside the city of Vienna…

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UIV Urban Innovation Vienna GmbH is the climate and innovation agency of the City of Vienna and a company of Wien Holding. This means, we meet all the requirements for in-house procurement within the City of Vienna: public clients can join forces with us to jointly fulfill tasks that drive the transformation of the city.

We also make our network and expertise available to clients outside the City of Vienna. We advise and support companies and customers from administration or science in transformation processes.

das forum

All details

das forum is Vienna’s central spot to drive innovation and work together on sustainable solutions.

In the urban and innovation forum of the City of Vienna, we provide our partners from politics, administration, science ad business with 300 square meters of work, event and innovation rooms.

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